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Home Nursing Care In Karachi

What is the responsibilities of RN Registered?

Home Nursing Care In Karachi Registered license Nurse Perform The Following duties in Home Nursing Service.

  1. Medication administration, including intravenous infusions
  2. Wound care/ dressing changes
  3. Taking vital signs
  4. Performing head-to-toe physical assessments
  5. Drawing labs
  6. Assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, toileting, grooming
  7. Assisting with mobility
  8. Developing a plan of care with the physician
  9. Nursing care for mechanically ventilated patients with Tracheotomy
  10. Nursing care for patients on CPAP or BiPAP and/or High Flow Oxygen Therapy
  11. Tracheotomy care
  12. Total nutrition care
  13. Internal feeding
  14. Infusion therapy
  15. Bowel and bladder management
  16. Maintaining skin integrity
  17. Safety Assessment
  18. Medication Instruction And Management
  19. Pain Management
  20. Diet Management
Home Nursing Care In Karachi
Home Nursing Care In Karachi

Roles And Responsibilities Of Aid Nurse?

Nursing Assistant duties and responsibilities, A Nursing Assistant has several duties and responsibilities that they learn through studies and experience. Since their job is to provide basic care for daily living of patients, their work consists of the following:

  1. Clean and bathe patients or residents
  2. Maintain patients' hygiene and change bedding
  3. Turn, reposition and move patients between wheelchairs, seats and beds
  4. Serve meals and help patients eat their food
  5. Measure vital signs like blood pressure and temperature
  6. Listen to patients regarding any health concerns they might have and report details to a Registered Nurse or Doctor
  7. Recovering from an illness
  8. Need Alzheimer’s or Dementia care
  9. Anticoagulant Education And Monitoring
  10. Nutrition- Serve And Assist Meals
  11. Exercise – Active And Passive ROM
  12. Transfer, Ambulation, Walker, Cane, Wheelchair, Toileting
  13. Assist With Dressing
Home Nursing Care In Karachi
Home Nursing Care In Karachi
Nurse For Home In Karachi
Nurse For Home In Karachi

Paramedical Staff For Covid-19 Positive Patients.

A Paramedical Staff has several duties and responsibilities that they learn through studies and experience. Since their job is to provide basic to advance level care for daily living of patients, their work consists of the following:

  1. monitoring and administering medication, pain relief and intravenous infusions
  2. dressing wounds/injuries
  3. using specialist equipment including ventilators and defibrillators
  4. providing hospital staff with patient information including condition and treatment
  5. Help patients use the bathroom
  6. Pain Management
  7. Diet Management
  8. Disease Process Management
  9. Diabetic Management
  10. Oxygen Management
  11. Anticoagulant Education And Monitoring
  12. Eternal Diet
  13. Foley Catheter Care
  14. Observing, reporting and documentation
  15. Nutrition- Serve And Assist Meals
  16. Exercise – Active And Passive ROM
  17. Transfer, Ambulation, Walker, Cane, Wheelchair, Toileting
  18. Taking vital signs (temp, pulse, blood pressures etc)
  19. Assist With Dressing
  20. Iv Medication
  21. Antibiotic Treatment
Nursing Staff For Home
Nursing Staff For Home
Nursing Staff Available
Nursing Staff Available

Home Nursing Care In Karachi

Ehsaas health service is the best service for citizens of Karachi. Our priority is our patient’s, and we try our best to help them in all the situations. From any kind of emergency situation to little injury; our service is available all time for you. Home nursing is a specialty provided to patients by multitasking nurses who are available for giving their services anytime. It is an ease for people who feel difficult to travel. Or some patients feel anxiety and stress when they enter the hospitals. For their facility this is the most feasible of all to avail this opportunity. Home nursing in Karachi is efficient for all patients. They even suggest new plans as a patient Care service. A well explained plan with medicine is suggested based on their diagnosis.

Facilities At Home Nursing Service In Karachi :

Home nursing service is a facility provided by us that covers all different sectors such as :

  • Care provided by our nursing staff
  • Physical exercises which prevent from plenty of diseases
  • Physiotherapy service available for all
  • Proper hygiene in all the services provided by us
  • Any sample collection is also done at home
  • Any kind of injections required are given home nursing system
  • Patients need care after a surgery, this health Care service is also provided by our nursing system
  • Postures Care is guided and practiced through our nursing service
  • Medications which are provided at home

Home Nursing Care Karachi Availability to all citizens :

Karachi home nursing system facilitates all the citizens. We are just a way there for our patient’s every time. What you have to do is to contact through the given numbers at our Ehsaas health service. We will be there for providing emergency service in just a short period of time. You just have to utilize our service and trust our home nursing service.

What we have :

  • Well trained nursing staff
  • A physiotherapist
  • Medication provider experts
  • Professional in elder services
  • Ambulance for emergency situation

Why Choose Ehsaas Home Nursing Service :

Karachi home nursing system is providing all the services 24/7. We take Care of hygiene in our service; all instruments used along with the staff who efficiently work to sterilize instruments before their usage. We keep check and balance among all our staff, because at first, we have to assure our safe and secure system and then we proceed towards patient’s checkup. Training is given to all of the staff after few months which include boosting their skills, physical and mental health. Because when a doctor is efficient and healthy, he can then make their patient’ satisfied. Our staff is well educated, and well trained, they are being tested on and off for evaluating their performance. Professionally we are experienced enough to provide our service to Karachi. All of citizens are allowed to contact in their difficult situations, we will be tackling your health issue as a priority to treat. We treat our patient’s in a way their mental health is not affected by the accident, injury or what else they are suffering from. Its necessary to keep patient fresh and make them feel relax so they don’t panic on their health effects. Our team and staff is selected on merit based on their capability, and they are properly trained for handling different situations carefully. Home nursing service has gained importance in the COVID-19 times because everyone is giving priority to their health and considering any irregular activity an issue and then they contact for home nursing service. Its feasible for the Karachi citizens, we are here for your treatment every time.

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